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Love the sight, I am an old fart (31) with a wife, 2 girls, a dog, a cat, a fish, and a bike. I have had several bikes, and no matter what bike I have had, I always had the urge to mess around and change something. It started when I hit a deer on my first bike (84 gs550e). It wrecked the front light and crushed the side engine cover, but a little jb weld and a light from a scooter (stitches also)and I was back on the road. Then I got a 600 fzr. crashed that learning how to do wheelies and learned to bondo and restore fairings. Had a couple of older bikes here and there and then lost my license, due to 5 pages of speeding, and driving tickets and a lost it for 2 years. I finally got back into bikes several years ago with a beat up, sitting in my buddies driveway, 1980 gs550. I learned my first lessons with carbs on that bike and gave it to my father after I bought a 2000 zr7 last year. after tinkering with it over the last year a little, I ran into this sight. I am very excited to see others do similiar things to bikes.

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sounds like you found the right place, and will fit right in!


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ZZR808 said:
Ok explain the reason why you would want to get a TX license?
TX doesn't comply with any other state on tickets. Points from other states will not count against your TX license, and the only way you can lose it is if you don't pay for a ticket or a DUI. Then they only revoke it until you pay for the ticket and a $100 reinstatement fee. So as long as you stay out of state, you have no worries:rock:

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1: Go to Texas and buy a PO Box or find a friend in Texas who wouldn't mind recieving your bills for a little while.
2: Have a bill you can pay online sent to your Texas address.
3: Get the paper bill, go to the Texas DMV and tell them you need your license changed over. Use the bill with the Texas address on it to <i>prove</i> you live there.
4: Never go back to Texas again.

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that is sooooo tempting.

BUT, what if i don't have a lisence to transfer?? :D:D:D
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