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is this the SF video game site?

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What up noob from Dallas....I ride a 07 cbrRR...its had a rough past and was abused and I'm looking to give it a make-over..I'm not down with tradition or classic looks so I did some research and was led hopefully yall can help me through this build..its hard finding 07 cbrRR SF...idk if ppl think its ugly or its just few have gone there..again idk ..but it will help seeing other bikes like mine.... So once I find a headlight I like and can afford then ill start my build..prolly in the next week or so..I get a lot of WTF looks from folks about my bike but I do all the work myself and I'm proud of it..its a creation mutation and not for ppl with weak stomachs


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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