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Its fightering time!

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Well folks, the 1st of the year has come and gone. Its 2 0 0 7. And the fighteroff has officially begun.

For all you itching to get going, GO GO GO!

Im still compiling parts and working out plans and details. I know some of you are already hacking and welding away.

as it stands we have like 17 fighters and 4 minis. Im not sure but i think we may have some late entries as well....anyone interested, feel free to contact me thru PM or email ([email protected]) or just post up.

guess its time for me to fire up that propane heater in the garage.



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DougZ said:
Well, I guess its time to call my cop friend and double check the VIN number on the frame I point in doing all this work on a bike I would not be able to register or title. LOL
geez. is that legal... :LolLolLolLol:
you want got it guys. fine i'll put in work. im gonna put in work and make you that list!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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