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I recently bought an entry level MIG welder from Eastwood and needed a hood. After reading a shit ton of reviews and opinions I found a great deal on Jackson's "Balder" helmets. had them on sale to begin with, plus there is an additional manufacturers cash rebate of either $50 or $100 depending on which helmet you choose. The W40 hood (smaller) window has the $50 rebate the W70 has the $100 rebate. This made my Jackson hood $90 after rebate! I admit I don't have experience with any of this, but am usually pretty good about finding deals and think I got a pretty good one and wanted to share it. The rebate is good through December. Here's a link: . Thanks to everyone who keeps this site so awesome.

Cyberweld said:
Jackson® Balder® SmarTIGer Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 37187

The Jackson® Black SmarTIGer auto darkening welding helmet with Balder® technology has superior optical quality over comptetive lenses. The Balder® welding lens is unrivaled in clarity and color recognition and provides excellent views of the weld puddle.

With variable shade 9-13 and torch cutting mode, the Jackson® Balder® WH40 auto dark filter never needs batteries and comes with the world's only 5 year lens warranty.

Features Internal adjustable shade 9-13 TIG rated down to 3 amps Internal adjustable sensitivity Aerodynamic shell designed for better fume deflection Lightweight Auto-On ADF is always ready to weld Comes with Jackson® 370 headgear Meets revised ANSI Z87.1 High Impact 2010 Standard CE Certified 5-year lens warranty

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i love cyber weld.... got my first serious gear from them and it was a great price. After owning and using a 3m SL i really never want to use anything else every again lol
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