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Apologies for the delay, I was off for two weeks and didn't fire up the laptop once, and wasn't going to fuss trying to do this on a phone. But now I'm back at work, and what better way to use company resources!

It's a new year for the Fighter Of the Month contest, can't wait to see what it brings!

Same old rules though:
Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted

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me everyday ride cheap and cheerfull ZX9R GREEN PIG!
plastics off
risers and durt bars
yosh chop
+ all tha usual bits and bobs we do
its all I got ta get tha ball rollin here;)


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1998 TL1000S
TL1000R motor swap with TLS oil cooler mod (by me and some friends/members)
DDM 3k(yelow as hell) HID in 3" projectors courtesy of Piester
Vand Driver clear clutch cover
Bitubo rear shock

Done by FOH
2008 GSXR forks and trees
2005 GSXR calipers
Concours 14 Masters(cable to hydro clutch swap, turned out un-needed after R motor swap)
Second gen Ninja 250 front fender
Narrowed and trimmed Buell Firebolt fairing
Quater twist pop up frenched in gas cap
Ebay LED front turn signals
Ebay bar end mirrors
CRF50 pegs
Custom 2-1 exhaust
Bruce fab R6 can
Second gen monter seat with seat cowl
02-03 R1 tail light

There's nothing on this bike that is stock, it's all be painted, replaced, upgraded, swapped, etc.


Gen 1

Finished, more or less

First start after motor swap
TL first start on Vimeo

And there's another vid in the VIP section, that may or may not be of some hooligan activity from Fighter Fest a few years back, including this bike pre-make over
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