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So as you can see I am a noob here. Used to ride dirtbikes back in highschool but never owned my own... until Now. I picked up a 2003 SV650s. perfect for someone's 1st street bike

I have been looking on CF before I got the bike and love the Street fighter look - but want to sport the Faired look for a little while as I think of how I want to do my street fighter.

Up first to change - Color...Not a big fan of the burnt copper color Suzuki came up with so time to start stripping!

Then onto sanding...

now all the plastics are sanded and ready for paint.. time to repair the fairings. The previous owner laid it down and banged up the sides pretty well.. 1st time doing Fiberglass

the holes where the frame sliders are suppose to go was in bad shape..
Time to make them disappear!

Nice Cold Beverages does the body good when working on shit like this

after curing - The sanding starts

Not quite ready for paint but this is where I'm at.

I'm Open to paint options, I'm looking for either black or blue - Maybe a two tone of some sorts on the accents of the fairings

Next on the list, Change back tire, sprockets and Chain

Let me know what you guys think!
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