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Jello has to go to the Susspensionist

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She is getting a Titanium Spring :)
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929_adam said: this a performance mod?? or a aesthetics mod??

i would assume that a titanium shock would be lighter.
Titanium springs have MANY benefits, but weight is the main one, but... weight lost here is WAY better than weight lost on say body panels.

Compared to steel springs, they are usually about 50% of the weight AND 50% of the volume of the spring, but in addition to making the whole bike lighter, it makes the spring able to change directions quicker, maximizing tire contact to the road.

On top of that, titanium is resistant to almost all forms of corrosion and its more flexible than steel, so it's less likely to snap under extreme flexing.

So... YES, it is DEFINITELY a performance upgrade, and a damn nice one too! :rock:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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