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So I joined this forum awhile back cause I thought "Deez mutha f#ckas are building some sick sh*t" (i turn very ghetto when i think to myself). At this point I had purchased a lightly dropped ;) 92 CBR600F2. We'll one thing led to another and bam.... she was gone. Now I only have one rule "never give a girl a fake number til after you sleep with her". Otherwise most anything goes... Except that horse play sh*t. That's just weird. Well I built the bike and after it was complete I realized I had lost that loving feeling.. whoa that loving feeling. So me and goose placed it on the intrawebz and found it a new fur-ever home. I actually took less than I wanted for it because A. I wanted the money, and B. it was his first bike so I wanted to give him a decent deal for it. In retrospect i'm still happy with the deal, but i think i should have kept it a bit longer..... HA! thats what she said.

Anyway i thought id share my work with you guys and get some thoughts...
Here's what I started with

it wasn't much but for $400 w/ clean title who could argue.
So from there the tear down began.

^^ and this is before i cleaned out the garage and got it setup like it is now.
At one point i found this was all that held on the clutch lever. I mean really, a boot lace and a zip tie?? No wonder the idiot went down...geez.

So now at this point the story is going to lose some serious interest because i've lost about 100 pics i took along the way. but through the PFM that is the internet we get to move straight to the satisfaction

So these are the final product or a few months or partially documented work. At this point youre probably listening to your girlfriend complain about the fact that you send too much time on the internet while you try to explain to her why you would rather look at motorcycles than talk to her. But I have only one rule, "never explain yourself to a woman. they'll expect you to hold their hand from then on".

But in your defense here is what all was done.
brake rebuild
New SS braided lines
R6 front master cylinder
forks and trees refinished
just a good cleaning for the front wheel
new grips
CB400 headlight w/ H4 bulb conversion
one off windscreen made from org. F2 windshield
aftermarket turn signals
drag specialties headlight mounts
Vapor digital cluster
replacement F3 tank
smoothed and painted frame
engine inspected and painted
F3 R/R
F3 rear sets (the originals were bent beyond my capabilities to repair)
fresh oil and filter
carbs cleaned as well as running sea foam through the engine
lots of repaired wiring
super custom water bottle overflow
frame sliders
Ducati Monster seat
Ducati Monster LED Tail light w/ integrated turn signals
Yoshi Exhaust
rebuilt brake
cleaned the rear wheel
smoothed and painted swinger
530 chain conversion

Now its on to the next project. My 1983 GS1100E

But thats about it for this episode. Always remember my one rule, "never get in a land war with russia".

Fast ZX-12R
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Keep up the good work.

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Thanks guys. I'm off playing in the worlds sandbox for now, but when I get back I plan to start on my next project. I've already got a pair of USD forks and GSXR1100 wheels. Im thinking I may buy another bike to ride while I work on the GS though. We'll just have to see. Or I may buy another Supra and start building a GT car like I always wanted to.
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