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Enter here for the June 2017 FOTM.

The rules:

minimum of 50 posts
4-8 good pics of your bike (and tell us which one you want used for judging)
list of modifications and such
must currently own said bike

past entries allowed providing
1. you did not win
2. you've made measurable upgrades since last time

deadline is the 21st before we start voting.

Hack in a barn
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I won FOTM with a damn Harley, now are you guys going to let me win with a supermoto?!?!? Post up some competition y'all!!!! :D :fu:

First pic is how the bike started.

Ktm 625 headlight
Straight rear fender produced from hand made clay mold
Crf450 twin exhausts on Crf250 mid-pipes with a little stock head pipe reworking
sheet metal side panels
little bit of rear frame reworking
finangled sv650 front brake lever
universal sm front fender, "custom" drilled by me :D
hand made carbon fiber case savers
warp9 wheels, 320 front rotor
race tech rear shock gold valve and shim pack for sm duty
cogent drop in emulators and straight rate front springs

Please use 3rd picture down for voting


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My 1997 YZ125 which I built earlier this year with a DTRE 168cc engine :)

97 Yamaha YZ125 Frame
05 Honda CRF250R Swingarm
Talon Hubs & Sprockets
01 YZ125 Aluminium Subframe
01 YZ426 Forks
97 WR250 Yokes
05 YZ450F Shock & Titanium Spring
02 WR426 Shock Linkage
97 YZ125 Linkage Bolts
98 YZ250 Tank
04 YZ125 Frame Rubber & Tank Strap
87-06 YFZ350 Banshee Fuel Tap
98 YZ250 Airbox with Ramair Oval Filter
00 YZ250 Seat
96-01 YZ125 Silicone Hoses
PWK30 Carb
WR200R Inlet
DT200R Reed Cage with Hy-Tech Reeds
DTRE YPVS Engine - 168cc –
07 Derbi GPR Bottom End
Modified Athena 170 Cylinder & Forged Piston
94 TZR water pump housing
05 DTRE Clutch basket
87-04 Talon YZ125 14t Front Sprocket
Blaster Kickstart Assembly
Custom Expansion Chamber
01 CR125 FMF TC2 Silencer
01 YZ250 Front Brake Caliper
04 YZ250F Rear Brake Assembly
Motomaster 320MM Front Disc Conversion
14mm Nissin Copy Front Master
07 Triumph ST1050 Clutch Perch
Adjustable Levers
08 YZFR LH Switchgear
Renthal Superbike Ultra Low Bars
Renthal Soft MX Grips
98> YZ Stainless Pegs
96-99 YZ Polisport Plastics
2017 YZ85 Front Fender
2017 YZ Front Plate
CNL Aluminium Radiators
Racetech Shock Guard
TwoStrokeRaceLab Capacitor
Daytona Asura Speedo
Maxxis Supermaxx 120 F 160 R
Core Billet Stand
Honda Goldwing Side Repeaters
Cycra Front Brake Hose Guide
Gadget Frame Guards
Kevin Windham Style Graphics
Blah blah blah...

Build thread here:

5th photo down for voting please :D

Thanks :D

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Re: June FOTM Entry Thread

Um, why not? :D


Um, Renthal bars... Custom Stickers.... Vapor Gauge.... Pivot pegs... Thats about it.

Not expecting to win but didn't want to miss out on the thumper-fun. :D

Vote pic:


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Go on then, even if I am not 100% sure my bike counts as a fighter, here it is more than doubling the cylinder count on this thread in one fell swoop :D

Full story is on the build thread here. It's been a long bumpy ride!

CBR900 97 forks, bottom yoke, spindle and spacers
CBR954 calipers
955i Sprint brake lines
NSR400 front brake master cylinder
JJ Machine Works custom top yoke
Apex Manufacturing riser clip-ons
CBR400 nc29 wheels and discs
CBR400 nc29 swingarm and caliper mount, with customer spacers and brackets to fit in frame

The rest is pretty much OEM, even turn signals and exhaust (though that needed adjusting to fit round the big swingarm).

Top pic for voting please :)


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What's with all this blue smoke?! Cmon we can't let a damn pizzacutter win a FOTM!

Not sure the recent mods warrant a re-entry but in case here it is more than doubling the HP count in one fell swoop :D

You know the old yada yada, newest mods:

-Hi-mounted the muffler, flipped the old mount upside down, cut in half and riveted to the can thus deleting the strap mount. Midpipe self fabricated from SS & hipster-wrapped to hide the ugliness and to not burn my pants.

-Rearset frames hand filed from 10mm of 5754 aluminum, billet ADV style footpegs

-52 tooth rear sprocket custom made to order, current gearing -1/+8. New orange chain

-dragbar, clamps modified to fit the triple tree

-heated grips, new mirrors

-headlight mount + flyscreen self fabricated from flat stock + aluminum

-subframe + plate holder self fabricated

-Old tail lights reassigned to brake light duty only, tail lights moved to new dual purpose indicators

-new headlight, new rear indicators, new LED bolt plate lights

I THINK that's the most of it at least.

Pic #4 for the vote.

Is my bike ok?
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'03 KLR 650

-XR650R forks
-XL600 front hub and rotor
-CRF250 front caliper and hanger
-SP600 rims laced on cuz gold ano kicks ass

-CRF450 front fender
-DR650 headlight cowl
-DR650 rear fender w/ stock KLR650 tail light
-DR650 parts came off F'dup's DR650 posted above :D Thanks again :thumbsup:

-ProCircuit 496 slip-on fitted up with homemade midpipe
-KLX600 carb needle/rejet
-Milkcrate ballast for easier wheelies?

I don't really have 4 good pics, the bike is muddy and it won't stop raining - so this is what I got. First pic for voting, I reckon.

Maybe not a 'fighter, but the only bike in this FOTM on the back tire? ;)


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OK guys....if thats how we are going to do it this month, I can play along too.

1984 RZ350 I bought in spring of 1985.

Pulled the cats off and put a set of Toomey pipes on, then beat it hard enough to twist the crank.
Sent the crank, cylinders and head off to SPEC II (THE place to build strokers at the time) and they sent me back their stage 3 porting and tuned cylinders and head
Larger Wiseco pistons
Welded crank
34 mikunis
TZ reed valves
Barnett clutch
Fork brace
Progressive fork springs
Russel brake lines
Ferodo brake pads
All done by spring of 1986, along with a 1980's ZZ Top style paint job.

Beat it for a few more years, until I bought my FZR1000 in 1988....then it just sat.......for a LONG time....
Then a few years ago I made the deal of a lifetime and traded my stock wheels and tires for a set of Dymags from an old racebike a guy wanted to restore to original.

Which prompted me to bring it up to todays standards for it's 30th birthday....and the little bitch still screams just like it did over 30 years ago.

Use this pic

This RZ, is what gave me the stroker addiction I have today...they are too fun to have just one.:D

RZ repaint can be seen here

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