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Eff Tee Pee
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Eff you Christ... I was just thinking about that the other day. You have invaded my mind, and I'll drive you out by thinking about fat gay men kissing in a shower.
hahahah. wtf! :oops:
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this is my boomstick
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nice bike man lol looks familiar. ya one thing i did to mine that really helped with the look was that i painted the radiator guards black, it helps everything flow better in my opinion. o and definitely get those stock tires replaced. my stock ones have caused me two accidents. thank god for frame sliders and spools. they saved mine. :D

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is an SV650 really a big boy bike? hahaha

Bike looks solid though
It depends on how you ride it lol.
I have owned an SV650 for 12 years now and have made many bigger bike riders look like fools on the twistys. Although they do come back past me on the straights, but then anyone can go fast in a staight line.

Everything is simple...
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zombie thread!!! any changes to the SV?
eff yea there's been changes!!

Since I purchased the SV in 2010 I've made the following changes:
- new front end ('06 GSXR 600)
- ignition bypass switch
- radiator mounted turn signals
- new speed sensor so I can run stock SV gauges
- sv - GSXR rear wheel adapter kit
- new sprockets (front and rear) and new chain
- new rear blinkers
- solo seat cover
- A-TRE installed (auto timing retard eliminator)
- corbin seat
- dirt bike foot pegs installed
- and I even added GAS a few times!!

here's a before and after shot of it.

All the rest of the info is on my build tread under my sig.

Yeah, I just whore'd my own build tread in my very own revived-from-the-dead-'Just-got-my-bike!!' thread. That's pretty awesome if you think about it.


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