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Found this on another forum:

After battling with myself over not replacing the stock exhaust, a decision has been made. Hopefully in about 3.5 weeks, I'll have them on with pics up. Ordered from Campbell in the U.K. Emailed John the other day gotta price+shipping. I was shocked. I called the place over here in I think Arizona. One of the stores off of They advertise the cans for $1060.00. Anyway, this guy told me that he could order them from the U.K. and that it would take 8 weeks. 3 weeks to make them, then 5 weeks for them to ship and arrive. I told this guy I would have to think about that, due to the price. He put me on hold for a minute. Came back to the phone and told me "the exchange rate just dropped, I can sell these to you for $950.00+shipping $80.00. Buying them directly from Campbells was still over $300.00 bucks cheaper and somehow they would arrive 4-5 weeks earlier. The bad thing, the guy in Arizona said I was the 5th Z1000 rider that called wanting to order these. Take some advice if your looking at these cans to purchase, order them directly from Campbell's.

and also:

I attempted the Custom Fighters route as well, and saw on Campbells website that they ship anywhere...
And they were cheaper to buy direct, so thats the way I went. I did order mine shorter than the ones normally offered, if thats an option for you.
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