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This is reposted due to the hackers that crashed the site last week. Those assholes should DIE!!!

PArt I, II & III

The Kane Chronicles Part 4, 6/15/07 The Evolution takes shape:

I finally have a running machine!! Unfortunately this does not mean that it is ready to be on the road. It is however almost ready to go to the DMV for the VIN verification. I am leaving the stock tail on for this just to avoid any issues with the inspector. I was very excited to hear it fire up today. I took it down the street and back and the bike rides very nice. The front end feel nice and stiff. The forks do not pogo when I hit the R1 brakes hard which I was worried about. The exhaust is also pretty damn loud but I expected that anyway. At least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alright, so here are my updates.

The Exhaust came out way better than I expected. I wanted it to be very short with the can being just behind my rearset. The reason being is, it would look terrible if it was stock length and a bobber tail. I really wanted to have it sitting below the motor there just is not enough room in that spot. Here is what I did. The Micron full header I have did not have a midpipe so I had to make one. I also wanted to use the Yosh Tri-oval that came with the bike to keep costs down. I decided to hack off the stock pipe and graft it onto the Micron header. This is somewhat difficult with the header exit angle being different that stock. Plus I had another challenge being that the header is stainless steel and the factory pipe is mild steel. I had to use my little 110 volt AC ARC welder and hope for the best. Stainless does not like AC amperage so I had to really work it to get good flow. The pipe came out great though after a few hours of welding, grinding an polishing. After I painted it with 1800 degree header paint then baked it in the barbeque on high for 30 minutes. The Yosh can got the shorty treatment. I took off about 7 inches. The carbs are running good but they will need to be dialed in still.

Exhaust getting hacked up

Fitting for the welding

all done and pretty.

Front end:
I have spent the most time on this part. It to me is the be all end all of fighters. Mess this up and the rest won’t matter. I had to tear my forks down due to a leaky seal. The previous owner told me that a mechanic changed them out. Well, he put one in backwards. I did a total cleaning and thru them back in. The headlight mount go changed for the third time. The Ikea clamps weren’t working for me. I want all mount to be hidden and away from view. A piece of flat aluminum bolted under the triple did the trick.
I needed a flyscreen for the highway so I took my old FZ1 stock screen and hacked it up to what you see below. I fabbed some nice mounts and put some door edge guard on them and chrome spike bolts to hold it together. One side needed clearance for the damper. For a gauge set up I went with the Acewell all in one. It has Speed, blinkers, neutral, oil psi, tach, shift light, riding timers and odometers. Plus it light up indigo blue at night. The best part is, the whole package is 2.5 inches in diameter and housed in a CNC aluminum case.
The FZ1/R1 brakes came out great with Good ridge SS lines and a new smooth reservoir cover. Some EBC pads were put in also. I like how the mount looks in black. The fender got a moderate hacking and will look great when painted.
The front end is not done yet. I have some hand guards on order that are going to receive the spike treatment and I still need bar end mirrors.

Acewell Gauge

Painted Triples with mounts for lights and gauge.

Fender getting hacked up

Front brakes.

Front nose shot.

Rest of the bike:
That tail is getting chopped FYI for a Motocyco tail
I found a great deal on a chain and sprocket kit. The gearing is 15/46. It is quite low but the R6 runs that when you drop the front sprocket on tooth so it won’t be that bad. I haven’t decided if I want to put a hugger on yet. I most likely will to help with the bobber tail. I haven’t bought the heal guards yet but they are going be ordered this week. They are going to be brass knuckles cut out of stainless steel. I can’t wait to start making the tail piece up. I still have no idea about a tail light set up. I may do a chopper style and mount it to the tag bracket on the swingarm.
For the radiator I got this nifty coolant reservior in SS. It is the same one I use on my Jeep. I mounted it on the left side just inside the hose.

Coolant bottle

All of the wiring will be tucked in behind the motor. I am making brackets to hold the fuses, and ECU and then I need to cut all of the wires to shorten them. The voltage regulator is going under the tail. Also ignition is still going to be mounted under the tail so it is out of sight. The gauge and headlight wired up no problem.

That is all for now. This week I will start to button up the front end. Get the DMV crap done and then start on the tail end.

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you'll must cut the rear and put another models.
a friend put un rear gex 2008 complete and it look like very nice

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very sorry for bringing up an old thread, IMO its threads like these that need to stay active every once in a while to bump them up for newcomers to site
but ive read this last night and im reading it again now,
it is very interesting and enjoyable to read,
some great tips off it
the twin spots ya had on the final result were much better than the maltese cross,
i plan on using the same for my own project when i get started.

i also read your thread about it getting trashed,
sorry to hear about it,
hope ya moved onto bigger and better as the saying goes.
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