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Hey guys, the tach is bad on my gauges so I'm wiring this up! shit show/Screenshot_20160512-231831.png
I'm trying to be fancy and wire it to the original harness as much as possible. I understand with the yzf most of my gauges are analog so I may keep my original light pod for simplicity. The directions are poor and there's no programing info so I'm lost on how to select my cylinders. I have done a lil research and found some clarity on a few parts shit show/Screenshot_20160512-225209.png shit show/Screenshot_20160512-225743.png
Anyone do this successfully?
I'll get it with time, but anything to make it smoother is awesome!
I have read through a few things on old posts looking at the sp7 search, the thread is old, missing pics. I know some of you guys have looked at these, ay under 40, it's hard to go wrong!

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