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I finally hashed out most of the engineering that will be going into my 1979 KZ1300 'Juggernaut' so first I'll present anyone looking with my basic build and execution sheet, (it doesn't include front end replacement, because I dont.know yet if I can salvage the original, if not I'm expecting a full front conversion to a new zx front end, it's getting to that seaon where front ends pop up, not that it'll make much difference to me.)

First things first I'll be stripping this thing down, way down, and ripping out the engine, and everything else really, powdercoating the frame, swingarm, shaft, all the nice stuff. Currently looking around the webz for the subframe piece I want. When I find the split seat I want i plan on welding it in after some chopping and shaping, drag bars and new controls from a scrap yard, always controls in there.

After attaining a pretty frame... comes the engine, 1370BB Kit, zzr1100 cam tensioner replacement, new idler gear, new oil drive gear (custom made). Exhaust will be fabricated by an acquaintance of mine who does exhausts for a living. (Was strongly advised to keep it stock or do it proffesionally)rejet carbs and tune, new valves, chains. This may also be recieving a brand new larger radiator and Impeller with more capacity
So basically a new bigbore engine.

Next up will be fabricating a new tank, reshaping front fender, and some headlights, torn again between no cowl or a basic bugscreen over some bare lights, to a sportster style bugscreen for a big light. Will probably be attaching some rear light from whatever happens to donate to my split seat arrangement, along with its rear plastic.
Brakes will be fully replaced with gsxr1100 rotors, 4 spot calipers, all with proper adapters from a guy who deals with these kz1300s a lot.

Pictures will be up soon. Currently making plans to move the motorcycle from my girls backyard to a garage.
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