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I have a 93 GSXR750 front end on my bike.

I found a place that makes GSXR front hubs (to run a spoked wheel), but they're for 2005-up. Here's the info I've got so far:

  • 1993 Front wheel has a 20x47x14 bearing.
  • 2005 has a 25x52x17 bearing.
  • Both 20x52x14 and 20x52x17 bearings are available.

The questions I have are:

  • Is the width of the wheel at the brake rotor mounting surfaces the same?
  • Is the width at the inner bearing stops the same? (eg, is the crush tube between the bearings the same length?)
  • Is there any way to retain the mechanical speedometer drive?

Thanks all!


Surely if the guy is making hubs to fit 05 gsxr forks he can be persuaded to make some to fit yours ?

From memory the stock hubs are a different width between the early & late models & the yoke hole centres are different too

If i were in a position to have hubs made i'd take the whole front end to the guy & have him make up a hub to suit it helps him too as it allows him to expand his range without the expense of buying a front end ;)
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