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We all have those spots in this world that do things to us that words cant express. For me many of these are public attractions that are not well known. This is the spot to tell each other about the coolest natl/state park, that burger joint worth riding 2 hours for, or that event that happens every once in a while thats simply awesome. If possible give us pics, addresses, websites, phone numbers, mothers maiden name, security code on the back of the debit card....wait, not those last two but you get the point. I will start us off with a few things that are not very well known but well worth a ride.

Fall creek falls outside of sparta tennessee. This park is home to a few small waterfalls including one seen in the filmed (not cartoon) version of The Jungle Book. There are lots of twisties around the park and roads to the park, camping, hiking, fishing, ropebridge, wading...opportunities in the park, but the main attraction is a tremendous fall coming off the cumberland plateau...if I remember right its 260 ft or so...been there several times. Worth the 3 hour ride for me to go a couple times a year. I was more impressed here than I was at niagara falls.

Lairds barbecue. Lairds is a tiny mom and pop bbq joint on 641 in puryear tennessee. We used to stop there every time we made a beerrun when I was in college. Great food that cant be described any better than just saying it has me doing a homer simpson donut drool just thinking about it. The lairds produced daughters that look as good as the barbecue tastes and the girls used to run the counter a lot of the time. If your in the murray ky or paris tennessee area...make the trip.

An event that is getting known more now than ever...the purple hull pea festival. Just look it up. ******** take literbikes and breed them t garden tillers and drag race the bastard offspring. Youtube has plenty footage. Somewhere in iowa I think. Havent been but want to go.

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Sprewell bluff state park in Georgia.

Its a little park about an hour from my house In rural Georgia on the flint river. There's drastic elevation changes and seriously fun riding roads on the way. Its pretty popular with the locals. Great for swimming, kayaking, grilling, and what not. You can put in at the park and float down the river for almost 30 miles. Just make sure you fill up the tank on the way in.
And don't go on the weekends. Busy busy. And cops always set up speed traps.

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