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OK fighters, I want to start working on the bike but I want to get a budget of how much I'm gonna spend. I have a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Now I realize that once you start turning stones you wont stop until every stone has been turned and worked on. All I have done so far as you can tell from the pictures in my album is taken off the fairings. Now, having said that, here is a list of what I would like to do. Im gonna start at the front of the bike;

1. I would like to change the head light to a Ducati Monster style or Vrod muscle style I will integrate the turn signals someway somehow. I know the next part of what I want to do will affect the headlight. So now to the next part.
2. I would like to change the forks, triple tree, and handle bar assembly from a ZR6X or something similar (I will be putting the mirrors on my bars). ANY suggestions on where to get and how much is too much would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
3.Next would be my radiator overflow tank, are there any ideas as to how i could hide that better?
4. Next, would be my header-muffler-exhaust setup anyone know the setup with the best performance?
5. Next, would be my pegs, can i move my controls back? If so is there a kit? Again any ideas would be greatly appreciated along with how i put the pegs back on once I take the plates off that the pegs are on?
6. Next would be my rear end, I would like to do an R6 rear end, on this one if any one has done it if yall could direct me to a thread or if you guys would have any idea what i have to cut, weld, delete or all of the above, like i've said before what ever you guys can offer as advice i would greatly appreciate it !!!
7. Last on body mods would probably be my swing arm, anyone know if i can put a ZR6X swing arm on my 650R?
8. And last but certainly not least any more performance upgrades for my bike would be great!!!

I apologize for the lengthy statement, and realize that i can do all the research myself but not only am i asking for a budget im also asking for advice from you fine people, the pros.

Thanks in advance

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