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Here's a few build details of my blade

I don't have many build pics as the only digital camera I had was on my phone till about 10mths ago.
thats why the quality of the first few is so bad.

Bought the bike about 3 yrs ago as a half started project. It had the single sider fitted, no fairing, a really bad flat bar converion and an underseat exhaust system, the rest of the bike was pretty much stock.

I was gonna tidy it up and it kinda progressed from there


1995 Blade
VFR 750 swinger, rear wheel , hub ect
MV F4 1+1 seat unit
Harris bottom yoke and stem
GSXR 1000 K5 Forks
GSXR 750 Radial calipers
Wavey front discs
GSXR 750 SRAD front wheel
Pyramid mantis handle bar fairing (soon to be replaced by a Yamaha FZ6 headlight)
Oberon rear footrests
Oberon fuel cap
Gsxr 1000 k4 master cylinder
CRG levers
Front fender from somewhere in Germany (ebay)
Aluminium piggyback rear brake reservoir
Veypor Digital dash/data logger
Renthal fatbars
Harris rearsets
CBR600RR rear footrest hangers
Modified 1995 blade loom
Mini indicators
Ohlins rear shock
Ohlins steering damper
Modified harris steering damper mount
One off risers
Earls braided brake lines
Hesa belly pan
One off top yoke
One off exhaust can with Harris front pipes
One off subframe
One off battery box
One off paint


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katana john said:
Oh Yah,,,,,That's a sweet bike....
Like the Simpson Bandit too...

Many thanks

I love Simpsons, I just bought a black diamond back

They are not road legal over here tho so we get bugged by the cops for wearin them which sucks
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