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Hello people.

Ok so first off if this is not in the right place I am sorry. Please move it to where it should be.

So this is something I have been watching for a few mins now. I know its not anything flashy or anything fast. But it is something it and kind of cool. ELIO! It a three wheel vehicle that gets 84MPG. At a great price. But I want to do thing more to make it look some where better.

There are a number colors to pick from but not really anything i would want out side of the white. But I would like to make it a little sporty. So if someone could put a couple race strips down the center from the front to the back over the top.
And maybe a pic with one strip over the front to back as well.
In a nice dark blue. I would like to see how it looks and if it makes it a little better.

Ok so I am not asking you to do all the pic pcik what ever you would like. I was just trying to get what ever angles. Thank you to who ever does this for me.

This last one someone had done I just dont like the gree color and think its to much. But give you a idea of the strips I am looking for.
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