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Let's make it easy to find free or cheap help for our brothers and sisters. I couldn't find a help locator thread, so let's start one. mods if this was done and i was just too ignorant to see it, delete this thread and point me in the direction...otherwise:

Post up where you're located and what you have to offer...advanced tools, shop/working space, and update your own thread as you acquire more toys.

If you're a professional shop and need to charge fees, throw in a "$" after your name.

Use a standard format and ensure it's spelled coRrektlie so that this thread can be easily searched.

[name] [$ if you're a shop]
[city] [state] [zip code] [country]
-what you got
-what you got
-what you got

good? I'll start...

Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19154 US
-snapon fm140a mig/dc tig argon
-craftsman flux core/mig
-basic tools
-angle grinders/portable bandsaw
-small shed can fit a bike inside w/ portable ac and kerosene turbo heater
-powder coating gun (working on an oven)
-media blasting barrel (not operational yet)
-26gal 5hp compressor 5cfm at 90psi

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my names casey and im an alcoholic... i mean i can help you with your broken shit
binghamton ny area (newark valley to be specific.
i can mount and balance tires.
cheap welder.
cheap compressor.
several things to make 1 thing 2 pieces and can make several things into one piece haha
all sorts of other tools. rear stands and a swing set to lift a bike up.
im pretty good with just about anything

good idea for a thread btw. there is the pay it forward thread but this one is help specific
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