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Long Way DOWN

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Looks like around the world didn't fill their appitite for adventure. Ewan and Charlie are on their way to South Africa. Can't wait to read/watch what they bring back from this one! I just hope it doesn't get too comercialized cus its the second time around (no pun intended) for them. From reading their book I would think thats the last thing they want, but who knows.
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The book is worth the read! (and I'm no big reader) After reading the book you can tell they only put the highlights - aka the parts that would sell - into the series. There is SO much more of the trip described in the book. It also gives you a much better idea of what the guys really went through and how hard it was on them, it doesn't paint them as superheros like the series does. It paints them as normal biker joes who were able to have an amazing experience that wore the crap out of them just like it would you or me. Deffinatly worth the read.

- not saying there arent other stories about other guys who did journies just as hard, maybe even harder, that are just as good. But for this particular story, the book gives a much better, more accurate picture.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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