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Looking for stunt/fighter bike

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Im in Phila. PA area

Whats up guys.. looking for a cheap project, complete/running, or salvage/rebuilt titled bike.. something i can beat the shizz out of or maybe turn into a nice fighter.. looking for the following-

triple or speed four
maybe a gsxr (something about them creeps me out... long story)

I have some cash, and also a KTM125SX (dirt bike) to trade up.

email me at [email protected]

(Ive been checking EVERYWHERE and so far nothing, or the shts ganked, or accross the country.)

Thanks, beobe
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get ahold of my boy Roman at check out the bikes on there, he's got some decent shit. Tell him Spyder sent you
BMiller said:
Hurry up and get a hold of that guy:ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :evilred:
I sent him an email Bildo , get the dick out'a ur ass
skr00zloose said:
as for the 954, probably something in the neighborhood of 3,800 or so.

I need to start saving my money again. Jesus.... The fuckin deals that are floating around these days
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