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Hey guys,

Lol so I was convinced I was going to buy a project bike, and leave my 2001 gsxr alone. If you want to see some pics they are in the noob section. And now i got the bug due to all of you guys and your very inspiring creations. So, I decided to do some short term not serious street fighter "look" mods, Dirt bars, removing front fairings, and headlight assembly. Long term things would include changing the rear subframe/fairing setup and motor swap. So I was researching the LSL bar kit for my bike, but I wasn't sure if the normal kit was 7/8" or 1 1/8". I think my controls/grips are all 7/8" ( I havent checked) and I would like to retain those if possible. Is it possible to get the lsl kit with 7/8" bars for a 2001 gsxr600? thanks!


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I ordered mine like a week ago but it's unfair to judge shipping times based on my experience (which is, so far, an estimate of 4 weeks total) because mine were out of stock since my bike is a Hayabusa.

He had to order them from Germany which sucks.
But Irfan is a good guy, and once he gets the parts (if he doesn't have them stocked) he sends them out the same day and it takes about 3 days to get them.
He also doesn't charge you until he has the parts in his hands, so if you have to wait a while it's not like he's sitting on your money.
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