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I R smart.
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Well. You all asked for it. now it's here.

Spider-Man gonna rock this shit.

I gues the photos didn't make it last time.

I think im lost
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ok now to show how slow we can work and what little we got done sat night...

back porch light...
didnt get a b4 pic but well we will get better with that after a bit...maybe

ivez pulling the motion light down from the middle of the house

jessie and pubert working on the inside wiring and clean up

ivez took the 2 motion detectors and made one...
and boom

and then jessie just couldnt hang any more
ant stopped in the middle of what he was doing

my lights been like this for weeks cause of some tests and i couldnt take it any more

and then i found out how big of a bitch it was to put up

i aint pulling that fooker down

if all goes well we should have a good weekend coming up...
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