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Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted.

ZX-6R Fighterer
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I'll play the game this month. My weapon of choice is my 2002 ZX-6R Just got her ready for the reason after a lot of work this week, and added new some new bits. Unfortunately I've run out of funds and will probably not be doing any more mods this year. Anyway onto the pics:

Mod List:
Frame, swingarm, tail, and engine painted gloss black
2000 ZX-12R forks, rotors, and triples
-Ignition arms cut to use steering lock
-Calipers painted and spaced in for rotors
2005 ZX-6R Front Fender
Fork Clamp Brackets
2003 Z1000 headlight
-Fairing stay cut to fit
-Custom fitted H6M bulb
-Brackets for speedometer
Standard Bar End mirrors
ZX-R Bar Ends
Renthal Grips
Brackets for brake reservoirs
Full 2009 ZX-6R subframe and tail
-2013 ZX-6R front seat
-Custom adapter plates
-Gas tank bracket
-Seat cowl
2003 ZX-6R headers
2013 GSX-R 750 M4 silencer
JT Racing 530 Chain and Sprockets
2003 ZX-6R front footpegs
2005 ZX-6R coolant reservoir
2005 ZX-6R shock linkages (had to swap the shock)
2005 ZX-6R heel guards
Fender Eliminator
Custom wiring
Stainless Steel bolts everywhere

They're not very good pics, but can you use the second one bullet?


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This is the first time ive entered, but now's as good a time as any as the bike is out on the road and running properly now.

anyway, here's the spec and mod list....
1990 gsxr 1100 main frame
custom alu subframe
custom alu battery box
Gsxr 750 K1 front end
Gsxr 750 K1 swingarm
Gsxr 750 K1 rear wheel
Gsxr Srad front wheel
Gsxr K6 shock
Radial nissin front master cylinder
braided hoses
Standard Gsxr 1100 suspension linkage
custom dog bone linkages
Bandit 600 engine/carbs
bandit 600 stainless downpipes
3 Inch side exit, underbelly exhaust
pod filters
5 sizes up on the pilot and main jets
Pingel high flow twin outlet tap
Gsxr 1100 fuel tank, with all tabs cut off, re-cleared with all its original dents/scratches
Fibreglass café style seat hump
7inch round headlight, none LED
LED brake light mounted on the battery box
No signals
No dash/speedo
modified gsxF wiring loom
top yoke trimmed, ignition relocated under the carbs
520 sprockets, gold chain
all new wheel/steering/swingarm bearings
pretty much every bolt is stainless
dry weight is about 145-150KG
bridgestone BT-016 pro's - 120 on the front, 180 on the back

I think the first pic is probably the best one to use
don't have a name for the bike, we all just know it as the 1127 café, despite being a 600 now.
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