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Having procrastinated for MANY years, I've taken the plunge, bought a donor bike and started... The donor has been crashed by it's previous owner, and having bought it at auction, it landed today and I've started the strip.

Somethings are good - the bike seems to have been looked after before it was dropped, and it's completely standard so I've nobody else to blame other than myself it it doesn't work, when it's finished....

Somethings need changing - The pegs are too high for my dodgy knee, and they need to be lower, the bars are too low and they need to be higher...

Some things are bad, and need to be sorted before I play with the cosmetics - the forks are bent (which I was expecting) and the frame is broken, which I wasn't....
It didn't come with a key, and I'll need to bypass the immobiliser at some point to make it run, and the clutch is seized and won't release. (been stood for a bit I'm guessing)

I've bought a raft of bits on eBay, and given up and decided to drink beer and start this thread as I'm in a bit of a hump about the frame, even though I've bought replacement on eBay, it wasn't where I'd planned to start.....

But it was never going to be simple, or quick

So here's the shopping list so far:

1x Busa (bent) - Auction
GSXR 750 K6 seat unit and subframe, and rear light - Ebay
Replacement Main Frame - Ebay
Fork Stanchions - Ebay
Front brake lever - M&P
Footrest lowering kit - Ebay
Pattern ignition switch - Ebay
Twistgrip (RH Throttle) - Ebay

Bits to source, work out in no particular order:

How to run a set of non Hayabusa clocks
A front mudguard
Fitting the 750 sub frame
Servicing the clutch
A set of riser bars (probably LSL)
How to get round the immobiliser
A round headlight
Number plate hanger, and indicators
Undertray for the seat (perhaps)
Silicone hoses
A cover for the header tank
What to do with the radiator (it's a eye sore)
What to do with the gap between frame rails and the front of the tank
A fly screen of some type
An exhaust system, including exhaust hangers
Remodelling / reworking the seat
And assuming it all comes together, powder coating and a bit of paint to make it look nice

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

Eye Automotive tire Grey Window Wood
Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Fuel tank Automotive tire


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It's been a busy few days, with a couple of good moments and as usual one or two not so perfect...

Picked up a replacement frame (brand new) for £100 - which was a steal, but apparently no one wants Busa frames these days, and this one had been for safe on and off for years? Anyway it's mint so I'm chuffed with that.. Andy was a gent, and explained how to drop the Busa engine out without doing my back in using a front paddock stand, and gave me some thoughts on what to do with the rot box oil cooler that hangs below the main rad

Wood Bicycle part Composite material Gun accessory Gas

That moment was promptly followed by the trauma of pouring fuel all over the garage floor when I pulled the tank off late on Monday night, only to find the fuel lines were brittle... managed to drop about a litre before I could get to the fuel line (the return line was still connected) into a can... I've heard about the effect ethanol has on older fuel lines, but this is the first time I've had one rip in two. Nightmare. It's an integral garage so it made the house stink too. :censored::rolleyes:
Automotive lighting Fluid Bottle cap Liquid Automotive tire

Anyway, few bits turned up today, namely a front paddock stand from Ghost bikes (black friday discount is always nice), and the quality seems good too.
Along with a donor rear frame and a set of Chinese pattern locks, oh - and a second hand twistgrip...

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Packing materials Hood Bag Luggage and bags Bumper

Next stop will be to pull the existing sub frame off, strip the loom and the brakes, and pull the front end out, before dropping the engine out onto a trolley....
Sounds easy, but the space is the size of a tea pot and I'm moving everything twice to get at it, but I've found temporary lodgings for the R1100S so that'll make life a lot easier once that's out of the way...


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No, it wasn't - I was listed as "not-recorded", so I'll be twice done over if it turns out to be an write off once I come to put it back on the road..
you'll need to use V5 from new frame anyway, so status of broken one shouldn't be an issue
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