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Awright baw bags!

My name is Craig and I'm from Stonehouse, near Glasgow in Scotland, UK.
Found you guys via google. Any other Scots near me?

Currently have a Suzuki GS500 that I plan to do a fairly low budget conversion. This is what it looked like a year ago when i bought it. (well i swapped a 125 jinlun cruiser for it :yeah:)

The plan at the mo is to generaly tidy up, bit of painting then further down the line a gsrx 750 tail, katana rear wheel with 160 tire and new headlight.
This is the mock up for the headlight:

Cehck out my bee-sting tail!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Anyways, I've had a good look around at the great Gs'sssess on here so plenty of inspiration to get me started. Cheers! :drinks:
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