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So once upon a time i bought a ysr frame. then forgot about it for...iunno a year or two.

this year i decided to build a little bike i could hopefully somehow uh...convince the secretary of state to take my bike under the 100cc no insurance moped law
and that i needed a tiny little bike to thrash around trying to drag knee around justins neighborhood as a little stuntbike for mwff.

My goals for this build is to not spend money. already failing.

Im aware im doing many things the wrong way, this is my i really dont give a fuck build. all for the lulz.

here we go.

first fail...bought a ysr swingarm for $4.99 + shipping! 25 total

had some ninja 250 wheels and swingarm laying around

So i made up a shitty jig

and it ended up being useless for me
heres the ysr swinger on top to try to get an idea about its chain run...without an engine...went by chain guard lines.

I thought merging these two may be difficult...

will the ninja wheel just work in the ysr swingarm?

fuck no it wont.

after a few beers I had a crude idea to make this much easier...
this happened....

and to be fair, i did seek advice before i did this.

and Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you...the wrong way

and heres where i abruptly ran out of gas

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spent 50 bucks on some more c25

some more welding prep...making it nice and clean to patch that large ugly offset.

took some angle stock. did some angle grinder milling.

I used to be better at this stuff.

then it got cold and i ran out of beer so i went inside
and did this when i got bored

Oh shit
yeah, i forgot, im using a gs500 front end i had laying around
need to buy a new clip on bar....cant remember what but i welded the old one into a part

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and now its present day...
the ninja 250 shock i had was way too long to work in the frame and at a completely wrong angle

luckily i had a rolling chassis of a ninja 650 laying around (btw anyone want to buy that? sans shock)
so took that crap out this morning

flap disced the swinger and grabbed some of my brackets i had handy

ready to glue!

and on its own feet for the first time

from shock removal to tacking for rolling chassis took maybe 25 mins then i had to go to work...its cold...debating if i should go and DW right now.

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no tank cover in the mail today :(

so onto boring stuff like getting the front end bearings sorted

first hammertime til things fall off of things. used just a chisel and a hammer

dont do that. you will mark up the triple a little bit
but did

Top and lower races knocked out with some solid steel rod and a hammer

knocked the races back in using the old stem bearing base...and a hammer

hard to tell here but the bike had some rash on the top of the headstock and slightly smashed in (also much resistance when knocking the old race out! flew somewhere, still havent found it)
so i had to do some dremeling with a diamond grinding big. This is the only step i didnt do with a hammer

and its on! and i did use a hammer to get it to seat a little more evenly (bottom trips are tight and stick a little bit)

on its own two feet for the first time!

Couldnt find the other clip on, still cant figure out what i used it to do
so...found this bearing sleeve from inside the ex250 swingarm...7/8ths...hmm..

and finally the coveted side profile shot!

I know swingarm needs to be lower. Just tacked here until i get engine weight on it and tank weight so i can set sag correctly for me.

Am going to add this extra piece for some more room to move the shock mounts back. some gusseting on the bottom and itll be super solid.

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so tank cover came 50 bucks...
so 65 spent so far + 50 puts me at 115

85 bucks left in the budget

This will take some thought, little bigger than i expected

wider than i expected too

decided il come back to it later and do trimming til it sits nicely.

so started on fixing the rear swingarm angle
so took wheel off, grinded off old tacked mounts and started cleaning with the flap disc

did some weight savings and took off old unused linkage brackets



also fitted a spare kickstand i had laying around.
ill need to extend this a great deal or find another option...
maybe one of those more front mounted kickstands i see some of you guys do on here
looks handy.

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Cold + lots of work = bike rut
but mista m came over to grab some lights, so decided to go to the garage for a bit

So scrapped the shitty tank mounts i made and didnt show due to shamefulness
and better positioned everything tankwise...which is ghettoey (that a word?) consisting solely of a welded nut onto the frame lol

albeit also kind of ghetto. phone died as i was taking pics of them so more pics of how it all works later...

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twas the night before christmas and i was having milk and cookies


what kind of bullshit is this? fuck you nabisco! so i decided to go dw.

so the clip ons hit the tank no matter what i tried so i decided to spend 17.50 on a gs500 yoke with risers...

so had to take the old one off
wanna thank whoever had this last for screwing up the retainer clip bad! and point it towards a direction that makes it extremely hard to remove due to lack of movement

AND he fucking superglued those little cosmetic buttons that fit over a hex head screw! had to cmpletely destroy one

but whatever...sorry no pics of actual install

but threw some old dirt bars i had on there

looks and feels good but had to raise the front end so it clears

and now my mini sized bike is a regular sized bike...-_-

but ya know what? that shit clears! need to reduce radius with steering stops actually

By the way here is my method to warming your tools

maybe if im properly inebriated and motivated i will adjust the kickstand tomorrow

which definitely needs some adjustment and fixin

but feelin good

merry christmas yall

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so yall think i forgot huh?

nooooope just busy.
working a ton and a little riding here and there, car maintenance and a few other projects sprinkled in

exhaust stuffs for cars

anyways onto the ysr
first welded in some threaded slugs

Oh so story behind the rearsets...i do some amazon product testing and these came up. cncd rearsets.
So putting the nicest rearsets ive ever owned onto the biggest piece of shit ive ever built :fu:
so yeah. thats fun

and the other side

did pretty damn good with kickstand clearance first try if i dont say so myself, maybe have 3 cunt hairs before things hit!

Or got really really really lucky cause i didnt even think to check.
So heres where you guys come in

Do i do a 06 r6 tail cause i have parts?
or do a ktm rc8 metal tail cause the real rc8 tail is fucking massive and built for giants. or casper.:) totally ruins proportions on this bike

also this building this out of pretty much completely leftover scrap has been keeping me busy.

maybe il do a seperate thread on it

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so started the day with a little field trip to go see the transplant motor

and pretty much off the bat i realized i had bought the wrong carb and we'd prolly have issues...

so i took the old one off to see if there was any hope

hey....thats not supposed to be there!

then im like wow this is a really big carb for a 125 as it was sold to me as....

so lets look for an engine marking...

cant find one...hmm this is a really big cylnder head for a 125 i thought...and all the pz30 carbs for sale are listed for 200cc and up... little googlefu later

well fuck gentlemen, i think we have here a 200cc...

but anyways, new carb ordered, i tried to cobble the two old ones together but had to leave to deal with other shit.

fast forward a few hours...
heres the inaugural test run of the drift trike...
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