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here is the tail i built today.
my bro brought home a good sheet of steal for scrap so nabbed it and gave some metal fabing a try.

this is my first time ever making somehting like this.
all i used was a grinder with a cut off disk, and i have a lincoln 110 wire welder

thinking of making an LED light section on the rear, and some intigrated blinkers..

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awhile back when i made my first scrap built tail for my gpz i took a lot of pics and went over the process.

I also did a whole how to including videos on technique building a sheet metal fly screen with just some basic tools.

also if you go to page 51 or so of my build i show 2 more metal tails take shape. Might give you some ideas. I applaud your first attempt but its way to basic/boxy for me to stick on anything. With basic tools and a little time you can make something decent. There is also a technique called hammer forming where you make a buck out of wood and then bang the metal over the buck. If you have some wood working tools you can make some complex shapes and then form the tail over that/weld it together.
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