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Everything looked like I might have been able to go this year, but now I'm fearing I wont be able to. However, it's for good reason. I just redid my loan to pull some cash out to get one of the bikes on the road so I can start saving a ton on fuel compared to the van, and I'm gonna be sticking more of my coming paychecks back into the loan to make up for it. On top of that I've got some other bills come up, plus I'm trying to scrape up a small pile of cash to get something fucking phenomenal for my gf before it's too late to get it.

With all that, I just wont have money to go. But having one bike on the road this year, and possibly a second in the coming months, I'm gonna save a ton on fuel alone, which will let me get my shit paid off faster, and I will definitely be saving up to go next year for sure. And next year, my gf will prolly ride down with me :D
1 - 2 of 84 Posts
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