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Well i was out riding 3 weeks ago and my bike out of nowhere during a 3 hour ride wouldn't rev up over about 4k RPM.

Got it home and the Ignitor was smoking and the battery had poped the seal out of the holes in the top of it, so i guessed my R/R had gone and fried everything.

So i've replaced the Battery, Ignitor, R/R and the Relay Block.

Now the bike turns over freely on the button, sparks, and seems to have fuel as the fuel in the fuel pot I'm using is going down but it does not fire, doesn't even stutter as if its going to fire.

Once it stops raining I'm going to pull my carbs, clean them and have a quick look down the intake boots aswell

I move in 2 weeks so I can't afford to pull the head off have a look order one then try and get it back together in that time.

Any other ideas of what my problem could be?
My plugs seem to be bone dry, shouldn't there be a tiny amount of fuel on them if its not burning the fuel?

I'm trying to track down a pressure tester ATM through friends.

There's a really TINY, TINY, TINY tapping noise from the top of the head as its turning over.

I cant think of what else it could be other than the head :confused:
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