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I started with a stock Ducati 916 gas tank in fair condition. Remaking the stock tank out of carbon would be no fun so I modified it a bit. Screwed some plywood to the top and tacked some sheet metal to the sides. To smooth out the lip on the bottom I epoxied some plywood to the bottom. All that has been smoothed out with body filler. Reference my 916 build thread for previous pictures of all that.

Here we are:

I've been neglecting the seat area. I want to make the most of the tank capacity where I can. Filling in under the seat is a good way to maximize that, but I haven't been able to think of a good way to go about that. Forkless recommended modeling clay from the get go. I remembered I had some from many moons ago. It was pretty hard so I threw it in the microwave hoping for magic and sure enough it came back to life!

Excuse my crappy body filler work :D

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