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Does anyone know where I can find some bar end mirrors that can be mounted using the 6mm bolt for the bar ends? I'm hoping to find some that are small (2"), round, and black. I have found many like this (although most are 3"), but they have a mounting mechanism that spreads as you turn its screw. This is no good unless I totally drill out my bars. Also, all of the ads say that they could clamp around standard 7/8" bars; I measured mine with a verneer caliper, and they are just a hair shy of 1" (far from 7/8"). Are they talking about inside diameter? Even if the clamps do fit around my bars, there is NO space to move the grip and controls in at all on the left side. My stock bar ends are much wider than the bars, too. Anyone have any ideas?
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That's a good idea, but I think I have found an answer. First of all, I remeasured my bars, and they are the standard 7/8" (don't know what the hell happened the first time). So I think I'll go with the CRG Blindsight mirror on the left side. I can squeeze the rubber grip in enough to clamp on the mounting bracket. Then I'll secure it with my stock bar ends (does anyone building a streetfighter use em?) or with a shorter 6mm bolt and a washer (for looks and just to make sure the thing stays on). I found a set of mirrors that are attached to bar ends (Oberon); I could drill out the bars and use the collet mounts they come with, but this would be more work and they are more expensive. I'll save that for my next project, which won't be a Kanatuna.
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