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What is a Frugal Bandit you ask? An idea that we as diy enthusiasts can accomplish good solid-functional machines that look well planned and perform, with ingenuity and persistence. The idea that a tangible object of penny pinching logic can emerge to perform on the curvy back roads of the state, with the ability to turn its humble rider into a seemingly competent apex predator.

Suzuki made a tube frame inline 400 bike and called it a bandit 400. It made about 60hp and was no slouch at all. Having been convinced of the potential of this frame by our very own Medimacated, I am venturing on with my winter build entry.

Obtained a SV650 first generation motor for free from a fella parting out his former race bike. He lowsided into the sand pit at the local road course. For some unknown reason, he tried to start it with sand in the carbs and intake (no idea why), it ran and he stored the motor as is. My first task is to crack it open and assess the damage.

I have purchased all the fuel injection components of the 2nd generation SV650 to convert this motor to efi. Reason being, as the motor came without carbs or ecm, the cost to convert is cheaper than finding a reasonable rack of carbs and ecm.

rotor/flywheel needed for efi from 2nd gen

Quick and dirty fitment shows that the vtwin fits between the frame rails with no issues. Just need to create motor mounts. I plan to incorporate the rear motor mount and trans mount into the axle plate that I will be making.

In the spirit of frugality, I don’t want to pay the crazy amount that SV radiators still go for. So after looking at my ninja 250 radiator and doing some rough calculations, I believe it will flow more than enough cooling for the motor. And they are $30-40 on ebay.

Front end is a 04’ gsxr 600 set up i purchased some years ago for my gs750.

Frame is from a deal with Kai, took a trip to Pennsyvania to pick up a parts bike for him .

Yes, a bandit 4 fits in the back of a Chevy Cruz :oops:

The swingarm is from a triumph daytona 675. Why? It was the best looking swing arm that had lines matching what I envision. Pretty much any swingarem besides stock needs modding to fit in the frame, so might as well go for what I want. I will be making a axle/motor mount plate to accomodate this as previously mentioned.

Initially, I planned to use my gsxr wheels I have from my front end purchase. After some unshakable desire for wire wheels on my bike and late night stalking. I found in separate auctions on ebay Ducati sport classic rims, cheap! They each have slight dings that I will have a shop take care of. I will be lacing them to Suzuki gs 750/1000 (Rep Ratfighter for selling me his wheel) hubs. This allows me to have the modern width I want along with the offset/axle diameter of stock Suzuki.
slight bend in the rear rim

And a slight blemish in the front rim

If time allows, I will be making a tank from fiberglass and kevlar.

Oh, and this build will 90% will happen in my bedroom. I am a broke college student/small business owner/work a full time job..blah blah
So I will do the best with skills learned from my dad and others. Hopefully, it can be shown to others without access to machinery or elaborate garages what can be accomplished with planning and patience. I started with organizing my room somewhat with shelving built from industrial pallets and wire racks discarded from my job.

during my clean up/build

Picked up a bench grinder for free from a friend (mounted on a swing out), have a band saw coming soon I bought for cheap.

I will be documenting this build with a cheap go pro knockoff I picked up from Walmart. I picked it up for $40 Action Cam
Frame- $80 (gas costs)
Swing arm- $49
SV bolts lot-$10
SV shifter star upgrade- $
Fuel pump - 0
Front end- $80
Efi misc parts- $45
Misc Sv parts lot- $60
engine - 0
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