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Before the lady T-boned me and totaled the bike -

After a world of work - now only the engine to go - (besides the AF gauge and custom tach/speedo gauge) - everything else is ready including a stepped header dumping into 35 supertrapp discs -

picture of a seriously worked over carb

Custom stepped header and discs

he Rebirth of Vader!
1) New racing irridium plug and wire - and autozone
2) Gaskets - thinner than stock, 1.725 ratio rockers and jims lifters - all from Hammer's Perf.
4) Thumpe Fork brace - Black, spitccan, boots - two -
5) Shorai battery and charger/maintenance system -
6) Weld bung in for AF -
7) Wheels - Paint, replace bearings, and new tires, balance free at cyclegear
8) Rustoleum Flat Black paint for wheels, frame inc tail, swing-arm, lower forks and tree
9) Exhaust 2000 Rustoleum Flat Black ceramic paint for exhaust and 4" Supertrapp can & clamp
10) Paint supplies - HD
11) Legendary-Motorcycles GPS Speedometer and Tach - customize alum. dash to fit that plus Innovation WB AF gauge - or use own
12) Corbin custom single XBS gunfighter with 3" deeper pocket with Blast release customized
13) Rhino tank covering to smooth into one piece - show em Conti picture for idea
14)XBLights tail light Clear #5
15) Misc. - For and carb. - Intell-a-jet, Jets, Seafoam, shifter, pegs, etc. - stuff
16) Tags and Ins.

What I've been doing:

Note: New Vader is a stock 2006 Blue Blast with a worn V&H, a busted chain tensioner - primary too tight, and 21,000 commuter freeway miles on it, and it shifts like butter - lol

Tearing apart wreck for donor parts for the new Blast Vader. Put old Vader motor on table to prep for teardown to donate engine parts to New Vader. Starting teardown of new Vader to prep for XBS tail, dropping engine for teardown and rebuild as well.
I have three carbs and extra carb parts sitting on another table for working on.

All of this goes slowly since my shoulder and knee allow only so much work each day before pain says no more, but there is progress each week, so I can not complain.

By the time I'm done, the bike will be even lighter (as will I - lol), will have more power - of course, and will be a unique naked Cafe and canyon dancer - perfect for it's intended purpose. I'm really starting to enjoy the process - since my plans will include new bearings, isolators - gonna try the big twin's aftermarket version, and other misc. stuff - it will be like a new bike!

- - - Updated - - -

The Engine bits:
515cc silver jug Nicsil with 10.5 comp piston and light stage two head with ti valves,stems, retainers - stock size exhaust, slightly larger than stock intake - was the smallest Ti valve they had ever cut down to - lol - they could do no smaller, with a complete port and polish flow job done to the head, with springs originally set for up to 600 lift but will only be doing the 550 area with the B70 cam and ratio rockers - but comfortably - adding Jims lifters, and Hammer's 1.725 ratio rockers - with the cometic thinner gaskets comp should be visiting the 11.0 area, Energy-One clutch kit, SE Ignition, customized intake, carb, and exhaust will complete this happy combo and should make for many miles of smiles.

As I get into them I will break down my specific mods to the carb - carb surgery - aka - yost tube - 150 main, 46 primary, blue yost needle with clip second to bottom and large shim and rubber o-ring rubber open cap that goes on top of the needle, fresh needle jet, prepped bowl and checked float, fresh screws all around, Dynajet Thunder Racing slide and spring, adjustable rpm screw and adjustable air idle screw, put stack with splitter back on and filter, then Thunder Products Intelijet system with one way valve; suspension - Works 5 way shock, Works front spring kit, Gold Valve Emulators, Crossroads fork brace; style of the bike - all lines SS braided, Buell XBS rear seat/frame section, signals integrated into front and rear lights both clear LED. My goal is a naked modern cafe streetfighter - looking forward to achieving it as well!

Note - old bike weight was in the 340lbs area - new bike should be in the 310lbs area.

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I can never get past the belt drive with the small rear wheel but this thing is killer! Looks like something ninjas would be chasing batman on or something... ;) but seriously, awesome build.

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