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Not sure if this will help anyone, but I needed to fix my coils,(both permanent wires where messed up) and took some pics...........

I had found this post

Which seemed good, except that I hated the fixed wires. I want Dyna coils, but money and time are not on my side. So heres what happened.

Took the crap coil.

Removed the wire and ran a drill bit down until it hit the spike in the end. You can hear the differance from the wire.
Took a die grinder, and opened a cavity(after the drilling, or the bit will try to walk out) And used a pick to remove the last bits of wire.

Save the wire, because we'll need it soon.

Found an old distributor cap. SBC in this case, but anything would work domestic.
Cut a couple of the contacts out, and cleaned them up.
Had to trim the inner contact a little to fit in the coil hole

Take plug wire core, and solder to the inner contact.

Then shove it all in the hole and solder it to the spike

Then I made a damn out of masking tape, and backfilled the hoile until it oozed out at our new terminal. Taped up and drying right now.

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