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G'day all the way from Australia. A mate of mine recommended me to this site. looks pretty smick so far.

SO, I have a pretty worn 1999 Honda CB250. i will include a stock photo of it.
Im currently 2 meters tall (6'6'') and find myself looking like a complete nut job on this thing.
Im dirt poor and cant afford to spend heaps of money on a new bike or for too many modifications.
so my mate recommended i turn it into a sort of cruiser. know i dont know a carburetor to a wombats ass, so i need some hints/idea/influences. Back to the basics.
I want to learn as much as i can, and do as much work on the bike myself as i can.
currently living in a flat so i can just take it apart and let it sit in a garage, it sleeps on the street.

things wrong:
1. not fitted to my height.
2. 2 decent size dents in fuel tank from previous owners (i'm the 5th owner)
3. it has two exhaust pipes that make it quite. im looking to get some real volume out of it.
4. I know theres a thing where u can sacrifice top speed for more acceleration but thats about it.

Cheers in advance.


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Well you've come to the right place bro, many here have built(modified) bikes for next to nothing($0) it all kinda depends on your scrounging and fabrication skills

I'd say first thing is to form a vision of want you want from the bike....then go for it

Getting more low end vs top speed is easy, just change the sprockets -smaller in the front, bigger in the back- will bump up your low end grunt

Want more sound? Start by gutting the baffles, not enough? Cut em off and rejet to suit.....maybe run a 2 into 1 setup
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