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It does look better in that pick. But it still has an 80's Miami Vice feel to it. But it's not my bike so if the owner likes it that's all that matters.

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Look beyond the PAINT.....
spec as follows
Triumph T595 polished frame with additional mounting points Bandit 12 engine
Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 front end, fork legs anodised Black, TES thug yokes with drilled outlets to carry idiot lights, pressed steering stem, TES risers.
Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 seat unit with TES rear sub frame and polished undertray.
TES fabricated one off single sided twin tubular swingarm, Triumph T595 rear shock with TES mounting points.
Single sided rear wheel with painted inserts and polished rim, GSXR front wheel painted with polished rim.
HEL black sheathed lines, Chromed master cylinders.
Engine painted black with red fleck, alternator cover polished as with valve cover, twin oil coolers with braided lines 1 mounted behind exhaust, the . other tradtional at the front, factory engine cases, cam to cam links, TES see through clutch cover, engine has 1246 big bore kit, gas flowed and ported head, GSXR1100L cams, fuel injection unit from GSXR 750 srad adapted to fit with TES manifold plate, dyna 2000 ingnition system & dyna shift minder, one off fuel cell by TES, pingel high flow fuel tap with reserve.
One off adapted Triumph rearsets, one off clutch pressure plate all by TES.
Rage paint work with varying two tone colours and black pearl overlay.
All mountings are anodised red, single headlight on one off mounting bracket by TES, Renthal polished fatbars.
All wiring loom shortened and adjusted to suit space under front of tank.

Things to do
Exhaust - havent agreed on final design
Swingarm - nearly finished
Fuel injection unit - in complete
Speedo - probably go with a Spa unit, but unsure of mounting
Rear light - havent decided

Probably forgotten something, i will let you know if i have, will also send you updates as they happen.

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The Triumph Gixxer is sweet...was on the cover of SF a couple issues back. I have it in my backpack upstairs!
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