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Motor shipping

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I have a guy in Canada who wants to buy a motor from me. What's the best company price wise and quality wise? I've heard of but they want all these dimensions and shit but I don't want to get this shit all packed up then have the guy say that's to much ill just buy local. WTF would a general size be for a 636 boxed up? Or cut a crate in 1/3 and wrap the fuck out of it in plastic wrap. I've never shipped a motor before or received one whats the best way to do it?

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Get an rough idea of engine weight + crate and dimensions then take your dimensions/weight to your shipper for an estimate.

If he agrees to the price, build said crate. wrap engine in plastic wrap(just to keep any excess fluids from leaking)

Never dealt with uship, but FedEx charges approx $1/lb
I shipped an ATV engine for about $110 through them.
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i had a motor shipped once before. (gsxr 1100 for reference). it was heavily wrapped with shrink wrap to a pallet and shipped ups freight. cost me like 150ish i believe. come from kansas to georgia.

just make sure you find a business address to ship to. that will save you some cash rather then shipping to a residence.

to answer your question in very general terms i would expect to pay around 200ish for shipping give or take
Never used Uship but i heard theyre the guys to go to when it comes to shipping motors/whole bikes

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Depending on where in Canada, he will have to deal with their shipping tariffs they put on the value of anything coming international. If he lives close to the border he can have it shipped to a U.S. address. Wrap it on a pallet and get a uship quote. Also check with your local power sports store as they usually have old shipping crates they give away.
shipping to cANADA makes most stuff NOT worth it, especially heavy stuff.
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