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Mounting Dirt Bars onto the triple tree

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Anybody have a quick how to??
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search button says:
i think i have a little advantage to finding things, cuz i know theyre there...simply because i've read every thread on this site ever! haha.

no need to feel bad. actually took me a couple tries with the old search function...i think i just ended up searching for Tripple.

so does that help you??
if you want low rise bars..with no have to get fat bars 1 1/8 because the 7/8 arent strong enough without the crossmember. hence the reason for fat bars.

me being the smart guy i am bought:

set of renthal CR bend - 80
set of tag risers - 50

then i did the drill intall, and removed the crossmember so theyd look better...that was before i knew about the strength issue. but im still not even sure how serious it is.

i still have the set, which appears to be straight, even after i flipped the bike with them on it not once, but TWICE!

anyone else got any info on this??

and if you want to know where to buy the search google for any cheap dirtbike store.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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