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I'm thinking about moving my ignition barrel to give me a bit more space for fitting the clocks behind my headlight mask and I'm hoping some of you might have a good idea of how easy it is (or isn't) on my 2005 CBR600RR. The thing is, I don't know if Honda's HISS system is gonna make this more difficult than other bikes that don't have HISS. I presume that it does complicate things to a certain extent? If it helps, I'm intending to stick with the OE clocks because a) I like the look of them and, b) hopefully it'll be less of a fuck on with all the HISS bollocks. 馃檮

Anyone got any info or experience of doing this? Are there better or worse places to relocate the ignition to? (Somewhere easy? 馃槵馃槂)

Cheers. 馃檪

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Neither me nor my friends have had such experience. I asked for fun, but no one tried to improve their bike in this way.

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you can put it wherever you like, but it'll have to have the HISS ring positioned relative to it as it is as standard, the CB13 i built has HISS, but no standard clocks, it made no difference to the bike removing them. You may find the USA model bike doesn't have HISS, so swapping to an American ECU would remove the need for it, but i'd do some research before spending
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