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Dec 9, 2006 8:10 AM
Drew Stone Launches Renegade Distribution !!
For those that may have missed it the first time when it was announced last week........

RENEGADE DISTRIBUTION “For The People, By The People”

My name is Drew Stone and for those who don’t know me I am an independent American film director who specializes in extreme sports films. More specifically stunt-bike films. My work regarding the American street-bike scene has been seen all over the planet by millions and millions of people. In the past 8 years I’ve put my life on the line many times and have poured my heart into “This thing of ours”. I’m not new this game so what you are about to read comes to you very carefully worded…

At this point in time there is only one distributor in America of our beloved street-bike films and that is Impact Distribution. They have achieved a virtual monopoly regarding the distribution of street-bike DVD’s into American motorcycle shops. No one else exists, they have it locked down. This has become an increasingly frustrating situation for myself as well as many other talented filmmakers (as well as street-bike crews) who have made great films and find their options for distribution very limited to say the least. There is just no way to get DVD’s distributed into the American market without their involvement. At times Impact’s level of involvement with certain films directly relates to the amount of money that particular “Producer” has invested in “Advertisements” with them. Dollar amounts spent on “Catalogue & Co-op ads” directly relates to the salespersons “Involvement” with that particular street-bike film. In “Layman’s terms” if you are not spending money taking out ads with them then they are not “Checking for you”. This may be fiercely disputed and certainly controversial but trust me… It’s reality. Salespeople who don’t even know the names of the riders in our sport run this archaic sales system that rarely has anything to do with the quality of the work. They are the ones who make the sales calls to motorcycle shops to sell the DVD’s and they have NO IDEA what’s going on in our sport nor do they care. To expound on this point would be senseless, in bad taste and not appropriate. Besides this is not entirely a tirade against Impact distribution. They have been very good to me in the past but as we all know things have changed in our sport very much in these past few years. The new Impact catalogue does not make a single mention of any one of my films. You wouldn’t even know that any of my films ever existed by picking it up. In this exciting new modern technical gilded age that we live in it’s obviously time for something new. In the spirit of all this I’m not going to let my fate and others as good filmmakers in this sport be dictated by the only monopoly in this country that distributes street-bike films into the shops.

At this point I am forming Renegade Distribution as a vehicle in order to bring the DVD titles directly into motorcycle shops. What I propose to do as well as the way that I am going to set this company up is extremely radical. I am setting up a “Bounty system” for the sales of the DVD’s. If ANYONE out there makes a sale for Renegade then they will receive 15 % of the sale for their services. This is open to anybody!! All you hustlers, pimps, players, bitchslappers, supermackers and neverlackers take notice. Anyone out there can make a good buck simply by making a few calls to your friends and associates in your local motorcycle shops. For many years motorcycle shops have tried to buy my films from me directly and I would not do it. I would tell those particular motorcycle shops that they would have to go thru Impact in order to get my films. Those days are over now and I will deal directly with anyone thru Renegade Distribution. DVD’s at this point are overpriced and it’s obviously time for a change. Circumventing the old archaic “Middleman” will enable DVD’s to be priced accordingly;

Renegade Distribution titles will be available to retailers at $ 9.95 for “New” titles and $ 7.95 for “Classic” titles. For instance “New” titles like “Passion & Brotherhood” and both of the soon to be released “Best Of Urban Street-Bike Warriors” titles will be offered for $ 9.95. The “Classic” titles like Black Sheep Squadron, 12:00, Urban “Live”!!, Urban Three and Smashes, Crashes & Bashes will be offered at only $ 7.95. In addition to all my titles I will be carrying films by other directors whose work is on par or better than my own. Renegade Distribution will be carrying CBO’s “Bad Kids”, Mike Pollacks “Stuntshine State”, Tong Woo’s Stuntarmy “Hungover” and Bullo’s West Coast Connection film. “I check for my people, my people check for me”. It is now time to step into the future since the system that served us so well in the past has become totally obsolete.

Also for the first time the infamous “Black Sheep Squadron” line of merchandise will be available directly to local motorcycle shops. The T-shirts, hoodies, caps & jackets emblazed with the infamous “Black Sheep Squadron” logo will be available thru Renegade distribution as well. Since being seen by millions of people in the U.S.B.W. series of films as well as the MTV “I live To Ride” show that I directed this logo has become synonymous with the sport/lifestyle of stunt-bike riding.

Above all and by far the most important thing is let’s get the films into the hands of the people that want to see them. I’m sick of talking to people around the country and around the world for that matter who tell me they can’t get certain films into their stores. Seeing up and coming filmmakers as well as myself make exciting new films documenting our great sport-bike scene that basically get ignored is just not acceptable. I’m going to do something about it because I can. It’s time to take some chances and roll the dice. The joy I receive from my work has almost nothing to do with monetary value. The payoff is the feeling that I get when I get an e-mail from a rider in Russia or France telling me what my films have meant to them and their friends. It’s the feeling when a kid comes up to me at a competition and asks to see my butterfly tattoo because she saw it in her dads super cool motorcycle DVD. Seeing people I don’t know do their best “Drew Stone” imitation although sometimes deeply embarrassing is in reality very flattering. All that is stuff is cool but by far my greatest feeling of accomplishment is when a street-bike rider who has been in my films “Takes it to the next level”. To see friends that have been in my films go on to achieve greater success makes me a very happy person and that’s the god’s honest truth. I am very proud of what we have accomplished together these past few years in the realm of American stunt-bike riding. We “Brought it” fellas……. we really “Brought it’.

Riders & performers that “Officially” back Renegade Distribution and whose likeness’ will appear in future ads are; Chris “Teach” McNeil, “Vertical” Joe Dryden, Ray Ray Z., Kyle Woods, Tong Woo, Korno, Barely Legal, CBO, Bullo, Garth Vader & B Swizlow. If you are a rider or a filmmaker and you share our feelings regarding this situation then we invite you to join our ranks. Please come and stand tall with us. There are still many adventures for us to enjoy together within this great sport/lifestyle of ours and you are always welcome with us my friend. Besides…….The party’s just getting started.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support.


Drew “Papillion” Stone

Renegade Distribution list of available titles;

“New Title” = $ 9.95 per unit
Passion & Brotherhood
Bad Kids
The Stuntshine State
Mike Metzger “Godfather”
Street-Bike Mastery 2
Vertical Mischief “Street-Bike Animosity 2”

“Classic Title” = $ 7.95 per unit
Urban Street-Bike Warriors “Worldwide Live!!”
Urban Street-Bike Warriors
Black Sheep Squadron
Urban Three
Tony D Freestyle “Respect The Hustle”
Smashes, Crashes & Bashes
Urban Street-CAR Warriors

Coming in 2007 !!!
The Best Of Urban Street-Bike Warriors Vol. 1 & 2 (Dual disc format)
Stunt Army “Hungover”
Bullo’s “West Coast Connection”

Free “Black Sheep Squadron” T-shirt with first order over $ 100.00, Sweatshirt with order over $ 500.00

Renegade Distribution Info @
E-mail address [email protected]

Sales Line – 802-839-0790

Vender Pays for shipping.
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