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So I got a non running chinese GY6 Scooter for $100. Only 800 miles on the thing. Tore the engine down and turns out it looks brand new except the oil is full of gas. going to get some performance parts for it to bring it up to 163cc, and then strip her down and make a little run about.

Probably end up spending $300 on a $100 scooter but what the hell.

Start of teardown:

Buddy Kyle inspecting in ******* gear.

Endless plastic shits

Dem specs:

Custom Air filter yo - lifetime shit.

Looky looky engine cookie.

Center stand was broken so we decided just to lift it up.

Air box and evap shit.

4 bolts and she popped out.

Up on the bench

Getting teh wheel and exhaust off:

70% gas, 30% oil.

So clean:

Ordering parts today:
-new oil pump
-performance CDI
-New stock carb
-11g Rollers
-full engine gasket kit
-New sparky
-A13 Performance Cam
-163cc big bore kit
-new battery from WallyWorld.

Plan is rebuild the drive train, clean up all the wiring and vacuum lines, strip off the plastics, register and the ride the crap out of it.

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Fuckin A dude, I've built 3 scoots now, two of them GY6 based. It's really, really fun to make something that you can just sorta bash together and not stress about having to make it perfectly machined, perfectly designed, or even perfectly safe.
thats teh plan. I just wanted something I could leave outside, not worry about, and ride to the pizza place and back type stuff.

Still havnt quite figured out how the gas got into the oil, but after I rebuild this thing it wont matter. Hopefully get it all sorted this weekend if the parts come in. Plus insurance is like $60 a year.
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