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So I plan on doing quite a few mods to my minty stock '06 Fusion White s3.

I will also try to do detailed writeups for each mod I do so that it stays as a resource for other people. I will also post the DIY's seperately from my own updates so that they can be linked more easily.

Stuff on the docket in the next few weeks:

Full exhaust DIY - precat removal, wrap, and port
SAI block off
Full DIY on using TuneECU in conjunction with other mods
Possibly brake rebuild
Full tutorial on detailing and paint correction
HID headlights


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One of the easiest and cheapest mods you can do is install an aftermarket air filter. It is cleanable so it is also the last filter you should ever have to buy the bike. Plus in combination with other mods they can help free up horsepower.

My favorite brand for motorcycles is BMC, however this DIY would apply to any filter. However the BMC can be had on Amazon for ~$66. Link Make sure to get the correct filter for your application.

1. Remove the seat using your key

2. Use a 4mm hex to remove the front bolt of the gas tank.

3. Use an 8mm and a 10mm wrench to remove the rear bolt in the gas tank.

4. Use a 5mm hex to remove the bolts that hold the side fairings to the tank.

5. Remove tank connections
5.1 Two breather hoses (mark the one closest to you)
5.2 Electrical plug on other side of the tank for the fuel pump
5.3 fuel line (squeeze on both sides and slide off.

6. Remove the 11 screws - any long phillips will do.

7.Simply slide the cover off. There is the stock filter.

8. Pull it out and clean out the air box.

9. FM425/04 is the right part number for my '06 S3. Yours may vary.

10. Slip the new filter in. Pay attention to the center bolt hole.

11. I suggest using this sticker, it makes life easier if you ever sell the bike, or take it to a mechanic.

12. Reassemble
12.1 11 screws into the air box
12.2 2 breather hoses, 1 fuel hose, 1 fuel pump plug
12.3 one bolt in the front of the tank, 1 bolt at the rear
12.4 reinstall seat.
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