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I guess I can go ahead and start a build thread so I can kinda keep track of all this

This is my 08 honda cbr1000rr streetfighter
When I picked it up it was stretched and lowered so first thing I did was raise it back up and take the stretch off

With stretch

Stretch taken off on a trip to Arkansas last weekend

When I got back I made the final decision to fight it so I took all the plastics off

Now I'm gonna need to make a second headlight harness because i have to shorten it and I don't want to cut my oem one so I can put tha street trim back on for long trips

I started to get the headlight plate mounted up today i just need to make a bottom mount for it
And cut my holes for the projector lights when they come in the mail

This is my inspiration here I love the way this bike looks

And I'm thinking I'm gonna have it painted this color here, it's a Toyota/lexus color

Hopefully I'll have more for y'all soon
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