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well the bikes been finished now for nearly 2 years and I can say it truly is a awesome bike , reliable , comfortable , predictable , sure its not a 300kph powerhouse but that v4 is a awesome motor .

the story , well I had previously had a hyo gt650 that I fightered up a bit and had a blast on but 11000ks later the engine spun a bearing and under warranty it was fixed during this down time I went looking for a new project , I was told by a mate of a vfr750 at the auctions so a little youtubing of the vfr's I came across a burnout vid of one with no pipe and after hearing it I had to have one . I picked the one up from the auctions for 800 bucks and homeward bound I was . The hyo was back and it was sold straight away to fund the vfr fighter project

The vfr was complete but had been dropped on its right side and had slid into a pole or something so no dash and busted wiring , so getting it to start was first priority and as soon as I heard her spring into life I was happy she sounded mint no smoke and was ready for action . She was stripped of Tupperware sub frames forks and wheels all unnecessary gear was sold off and I regained my 800 bucks back , so there she sat motor frame and tank

so wiring was chopped shortened and rerouted ,a vtr sp1 tail unit made to fit , a cbr 929 front end was fitted , cb1000r wheels made to fit , acewell dash wired in , custom reservoir's and braided lines from extreme creations made , it was starting to look the part now , so off for paint and here she is finished the first time , also making front cover of streetfighters not long after that

second time round it was off with the clip ons , they were great at speed and good in the twistys but my generous build and a vfr tank not made for hugging made me go for the traditional mx bars . They were comfortable looked the part and along with the new LSL urban light it was much better night riding that the racetech unit it originally had

I still wasn't happy with the look though so I bought some flat drag bars but with the controls and switchgear fitted up it just fouled on everything , so I got hold of some cromo thick wall bar in 7/8 from a mate and made my own wide flat bars , now im happy with the look , for now

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