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Hey guys,

New to these boards and have a project to show you guys.

Here's the specs:

1982 CB750C base line
1994 ZX600E 41mm forks
1997 zx6r front wheel and rotors
2005 CBR600RR nissin 4 pot calipers
Honda hornet 919 tank
custom subframe (i'm going to redo it out of aluminum once all the mechanics are straightened out. Changed my mind a million times with this thing)
R1 undertail exhaust
R6 swing arm and rear wheel/brakes
Honda NT650 Hawk GT monoshock
R6 rearsets

The 750 motor is going to be replaced with my 900F motor with TM33 mikuni carbs.

These pictures are a few weeks old. I have since put the chain on it (drove it around today) and got another seat to mold it to the lines on the tank there.

when i first got it after getting her running and painting the tank, polishing some stuff for no reason...

a few months later....

I have since fixed that dent in the tank and primed it also.

I'll have to redo the pipes in the back when the 900 motor goes in. I'll do it the real way this time, not just smacking some old rusty header pipes together!

I want to make the subframe from aluminum, even though i hate aluminum and think it is complete shit material, and make the angle of the rear seat match the sharp angle of the tank.

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talk about a transformation!! nice work. i'm lovin the lines of it.

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Thanks guys!

I really wanted to work on it this weekend but i have to go to RI and straighten out an apartment for the school year. I have to get it finished because i can only work on it at the shop weekends up there, and i gotta drive it home!

However next week my boss is on vacation all week, and he has left a list of things to do which should take me only 2.5 days! You guys know what that means. Most of the work is repairing the machines with the 185 amp Miller Mig welder we just picked up for $700!! what a deal! thing is awesome and i can't be more happy with the juice it puts out. I've been using a 110v welder of unknown amperage, the heat gauge goes from 1-8 and i just say thats the amp output :D But its great for small tube and sheetmetal stuff.

Chain is on the bike, i roasted what was left of that tire and have a new Avon sitting in my garage which i will have mounted on monday. My father road the bike around the lawn and i drove it down the street with a great big smile on my face.

"Hey what kind of bike is that?"
to which i reply "i have no clue."

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SWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeET BIKE!!! love it so far. be sure to keep us posted

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i say ditch the undertail exhaust and do a belly exit. It will clean up all the clutter in the tail.

Nice work :)
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