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So I noticed that there aren't too many 2006+ R6 streetfighters on here... idk why. SOME, but not many. Here's another one! It started out like this...

I meant to take pictures of the progress but between work and a fairly healthy social life, I didn't really have time. Sorry guys... BUT! Here is the finished product.

The profile from the back looks much narrower and is pretty sexy if I do say so myself.

It's a toss-up between getting a belly pan or leaving it as is. I like the look of "barebones" kind of look it has but a belly pan would be cool too. Definitely no belly pan if I had some bigger headers. That's next on the modify list.

Twin dominator headlights with the carbon-fibre look. I broke a bulb by accident so that's why they look kind of uneven.

I opted to go and not make my own overflow bottle out of an energy drink bottle or a thermos (nothing wrong with that, that's cool too) instead, I went with an aftermarket dirtbike overflow bottle from Motion Pro mounted on the right shock.

An exhaust is definitely going to be in the works soon.

Kind of has triumph look to it now...

Again, sweet profile... If anyone is wondering about the instrument cluster, I used the existing screw holes to go into a bracket (mount?) I made out of aluminum. The bracket was mounted onto the little windscreen brackets that mount onto the headlights. bracket: 3 mount: 3

I don't even want to talk about the whole re-wiring process as the subject still leaves me angry and utterly frustrated. But for anyone who wants to fighter an R6, send me a message and i'll try to help out as best I can.

After 3 months, finished product looks pretty decent :yeah: it still needs work I know... like finding another place for the horn... putting cool heat resistant wrap over the wire cluster on the left side, headers, pipes etc... but here it is, my first fighter.

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looks good mate ,very slim ! I like that:D
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