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My Hawk fighter, "under contruction"

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New to the board, thought id share.
1988 Honda RC31
07 cbr 600 rr front end
Braking wave rotors
VFR 800 rear wheel
Nsr50 tail section
Hand built subframe
Trail tech digital gauges
custom machined head light brackets

still to come
Penske 8983 rear shock (done)
pazzo levers (DONE)
supertrapp hand made exhaust (M4 headers, not sure what Can)
custom machined rearsets
Lots of motor work.

The list goes on, then i have to rip it down to paint and powder coat

The day i bought it.

The next day

The build up

Its current state

And yes the center stand is coming off its just too handy right now!
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Did some work on the tail to make it fit right and look better(Still alot to go including an undertail)

I also installed my rear shock but still need to make mounts for the resi.

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Heres pic for you raven. as you can see they are way different. the new one is bigger and alot more square. I dont like it. so ill put it on my racer it really doesnt matter what that looks like!

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Thanks for the info I dont need anyparts and I have a VFR wheel.
I picked my hawk up for $1200 (what a deal!) but $2K aint a bad price.

I got the shock resi mounted and Im working on the undertail it still in the VERY early stages

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Did some more work, got the shock Resi mounted, installed levers,
Frenched in licence plate. Still alot of sanding before paint...I only
have a couple major thing to build so Now Im trying to fix and finish
all the things to Really clean up the bike!

Wheres the plate?

There it is...

I should be Riding it before paint in 2 months or so. Still need to builed the rest of the undertail
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Havent done much in the last couple of weeks I was waiting for parts to rebuild the carbs, and this last week Ive been on the couch recovering from Hernia surgury!! Im feeling better, Im up and walking around. Im going stir crazy!!

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Well Ive been working hard on this bike. But all the stuff left to do is very time consuming.
As Some of youKnow they dont make alot of aftermarket performance parts for the hawk Its a 19 year old bike so I have been doing alot of research to find out what is the closest fit and can it be modified to fit. The two biggest things Ive done is add a scotts damper and a Rear Galfer wave rotor...
Oh easy you think just bolt them on HUh!! Yea right No one makes either for this Bike.

Ill start with the Rear rotor.

Galfer used to make one but they dont anymore and after searching up and down for a used one. I decided to see If I coulf make one from another bike fit.
So I talked to a very nice guy at Galfer Named Paul Neilsen And told him what I was trying to do, so first he Made some phone calls to see if there was one sitting on the shelf in Spain or Germany...No LUck. So then he sent me some info that really helped I searched all the dementions of all thier rotors for one Close......Bingo I found one that goes to a Yamaha 350 Warrior 4 wheeler (DF478W). it was 5MM bigger in diameter and the inner diameter was too narrow but it was the closest so I gave it a shot.

After some machinging work opening up the Inner diameter and drilling new mounting holes it fit like a charm!
However this is not just a "drill new holes and mount up easy" You are going to have access to a mill or know someone who does.
Sorry no pre mount pics but its done!

Next is the Damper I wanted a Scotts I have 3 Scotts boxes And I can only ride 1 bike at a time so Ill just swap one over then All I have to do is Buy a mount kit!<<<Huh again Yea right

Scotts doesnt make a mount kit for a hawk ( this I knew). I have an 07 CBR600RR front end on it And since that bike comes with a HESD scotts doesnt make a kit for it Either,(This I didnt know)

So I called scotts and told them what I was trying to do. I talked to a guy named Eric Who was more that helpfull in working with me on trying to find something close that I could modify.

For the lower bracket That holds the Tower pin I Figured out I could use an 02 F4i bracket and put some small Spacers under it to accomplish 2 things 1) clear the tank bolt and 2) Lift the bracket high enough for the tower pin to engage the link arm while keeping the prescibed 20 MM of the tower pin in the lower bracket.
For the upper bracket I took a trip to Scotts performance and brought along my Top Tripple clamp. after taking some measurement eric and I figured out that The 05-06 Cbr600rr upper Bracket fit the closest. so I took it home and did a little shaving to the tripple clamp and the clamp fit like a dream.

Some of you may notice in these Pics that i have a BLACK scotts damper, and all Scotts dampers come in gold. Well I took in apart It was time for a rebuild its been about 40,000 miles old and while it was apart I did some research on Anodizing. I found out that you can strip and reanodize parts, so i had it done. At the cost of **FREE**.
Here what you do take it to a huge anodizing comany talk to the shop manager ask him to do it and He will probably through it in with a 500 piece batch of black. If you go to a big company they usually willing to through you 1 or 2 parts in with a batch of another customers who has 500 pieces.

To mount to the frame I drilled tapped and helicoiled

Then made and proflied the spacers to mount the lower, shaved the mounting lugs for the stock HESD flush to the tripple clamp to fit the upper

then mounted the damper unit

Heres the bike in current state. My dad is still machining the rearsets and I cant Make the exhaust till they are done, But there still alot of odds and end to tie up.

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After lots of work The undertail is done!!

Two big things left .The rearsets and Exhaust!!
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Thank AB Now its back on topic!!:knucks:

Today I ordered the headers and the Can. the rearsets are almost done!
Nice work...nice progress. Good luck and heal well bro. :rock:
looks good, I read through did you mention if you made the tail or bought it somewhere. If you bought it...where did you get it?

looks good, I read through did you mention if you made the tail or bought it somewhere. If you bought it...where did you get it?

It was mentioned before we cleaned up the thread! The pics with 2 of them shows the grey one im using and the one you can order from airtech the brand new white one. Slight difference but makes big difference in astitics! the one im using you cant get anymore the grey one. I had it on an old Nsr50.

SIDE NOTE*** I have put about 60 hours into that tail getting the fit and finish Right. Theres alot of work you cant see underneath! the tail has been where I put the most time but it is the piece that sets the bike apart. IMO
Ok bud Ill Try!!
Rearsets are almost done I still need to build the shift linkage!
Im not sure if im going to powdercoat or anodize them or give them a slight polish.
Every piece custom made including the pegs

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those look nice. good job. i say get em annoed
1 question. whyd you angle the ends of the pegs like that?
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