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So been anninteresting couple off months with the new set up! Had a few teething issues! Went and did a track day and in the morning it developed a miss fire just off idle but ran well enough to do the track day!

Then the second problem developed the rear suspension felt like a brick was a rough ride over every bump! So did a little digging! Fist off was to find the miss fire problem checked all my wiring no problems found no vacuume leaks so put the old spark plugs back in and it ran perfect so the iridium spark plugs I fitted were a pile off shit so a new set off standard plugs went in running perfect now!
Then to dig in to the suspension the only part off the bike I didn’t do anything to when I built it well turns out that came back to bite me in the arse! All the linkage bearing were fucked so all new bearing seals and pins fitted and a bit off adjustment on the shock and it’s all moving freely and not kicking the shit out off me over every bump! So just been riding it now!
Today even included so off roaring lol!

and just because a shot off some off the fleet out side my garage!
101 - 101 of 101 Posts